Baptism, Anyone?

My oldest grandson, Jacob age 9, loves to call and we talk about the Detroit Tigers. We discuss his favorite pitcher, Justin Verlander, or his favorite hitter, Miguel Cabrera. He calls me when he is   feeling sick so we can pray together. And every once in a while he calls when he just misses me. Those calls usually occur after his bedtime and he is over tired, and the conversation will begin with a tearful, “Papa I miss you.”

A couple of weeks ago, Jacob called and said, “Papa I have decided I want to be baptized.” I told him I thought that was wonderful and then came the next words. “Papa I want you to do it.”  I don’t know if he will ever understand what a gift that is to me. The truth is, I love my grandson. I first held him when he was minutes old and we have been buddies ever since. I dedicated him when he was an infant but this is something even more special. He is choosing, because of his personal relationship with Jesus, that he wants to be baptized, and I get to be a part of the process.

Have you ever thought what it must mean to Jesus when we ask Him to be our Savior?  Most of us talk to Him all the time, and tell Him about what is important to us and what He could do for us. But salvation? That is different. He loves us so much that He died for us. And when we ask Him to be the Savior of our lives, it tells us in the Bible, that all of heaven rejoices. Baptism is the outward   expression of Him coming into our lives. It is letting the world know that we are His.

On Mother’s Day in May, Kay and I will be up at Jacob’s church so I can baptize him. If baptism is something you would like to consider, let me encourage you to come and talk to Pastor Rick or me.  It is a wonderful opportunity Jesus has given us to exclaim to the world that we are His. I would love for us to have a baptismal service. A service in which anyone who is ready to make a public statement about having Jesus as their Savior will have the opportunity to be baptized.


Pastor Paul Parker