Tomb Raider, the Real One

Screaming from the tombs, naked-scary-crazy guy comes at Jesus. Filmed in Xi’an China, site of ancient Christianity (from the 600s) AND of some other tomb dwellers, the Terra Cotta Warriors.

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David Roller
By David Roller

David T. Roller served for 17 years as a Free Methodist missionary in Mexico, then for 10 years as Latin America Area Director for Free Methodist World Missions and in July of 2007 was elected a bishop of the Free Methodist Church of North America.

Pastor/Professor Shares Early Christian View of Psalms

MaketheWordsYourOwnChristians today are at a loss for how to read the Psalms. Many of us know the Psalms have played an essential role in Christian life and thought throughout the history of the church, but we have fallen out of practice in praying them and so are largely unfamiliar with how the Psalms can make us better disciples. In “Make the Words Your Own: An Early Christian Guide to the Psalms” (Paraclete Press), Benjamin D. Wayman — a pastor at St. Paul’s Free Methodist Church in Greenville, Illinois, and an assistant professor of religion atGreenville College — recreates the earliest surviving Christian guide for personal devotion on the Psalms ever written – by pastor and saint Athanasius.

Athanasius is one of the most important pastors in the history of the church. He is best known for his theological leadership in the tumultuous years after the first general church council at Nicaea in 325 and his adamant opposition to the controversial teachings of the popular Alexandrian priest Arius. “Make the Words Your Own” introduces modern Christians to Athanasius the pastor who, in response to a request from one of his sickly parishioners, wrote a letter that offers a detailed guide to nearly every single psalm. Later Christians found the guidance of Athanasius so useful that they placed it as an introduction to the Psalms in their manuscripts of the Bible and circulated it broadly for the next thousand years.


Parent’s Progress 02.12.15

This article originally appeared at The Source for Youth Ministry, but it’s not just for teens. Tech use effects us all. 
by David R. Smith
It’s 2015, and that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Teens who are behind in school work will hit the books to bring up their grades. Other teens who are discontent with their image may hit the gym to get in shape.

But according to new research on teens and sleeping, a full 90% of them need to just hit the hay.

Sleepless in the Suburbs


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There is a new way to support your youth ministry and it’s easier than ever. Now you can register your Owens card with our church by visiting (Be sure to enroll in the community rewards after you register and select Winona Lake Free Methodist Church to support us.) You may also call Kroger at 1-800-KROGERS. Push option #3 and a Krogers representative will help you get registered.

Every time you purchase groceries, scan your Kroger Plus Card and the youth ministry will receive a portion of the proceeds. There is no more hassle with filling and re-filling gift cards.



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WLFMC Library is a Great Resource

With the New Year well underway, this would be a good time to decide to utilize the resources of your WLFMC library in 2015. Frequent additions to the well-stocked shelves continue, keeping current publications available for both adults and children. Fiction books are the most frequently checked out books for the adults, but there are also many helpful and enriching books in other categories.
One of those “extra” sections features biographies that can enlighten, encourage, and challenge the reader to analyze one’s life and recognize that no one pattern fits everyone, but all can have a meaningful life under sometimes very difficult circumstances.
Our christian living section covers a wide variety of topics with something for every age and situation to enrich our walk with God and ability to interact with others along the way. Charles Swindoll is a familiar and favorite author in this area and has the ability to portray life experiences in a way that will help us to recognize that we, too, can live a God-honoring and productive life as he offers insights into our interactions in the world in which we live.
With the growth of technology and the ease with which we can find answers to questions through the internet we sometimes overlook how meaningful it can be to have a reference book at hand to answer some questions. Your library has a variety of books available in the bookcases in the library for you to delve into to find out some information that is sometimes overlooked.
Feel free to ask the librarians who are on duty each Sunday to help you find just the right book to explore in 2015. How about having the goal of reading at least one good book in 2015?


Moms & Muffins is Always a Big Hit

We invited all of our preschool moms to join us for muffins on January 21.  We had a wonderful turnout, and even though not all of our moms could attend, we had grandmas and even a dad take their place for the morning.  There were children giving moms a manicure, some were dressing their moms up in fun costumes and others were doing crafts together.  We are thankful to all of our visitors for taking time from work and other responsibilities to make memories with us.

We would like to send out a special thank you to Pastor Rick and Matt Stevens for being brave enough to help serve food and drinks that morning.  We appreciate you!

K Korner Feb 1 K Korner Feb 2

Parent’s Progress 02.05.15

Tip of the Week

Today’s changing social environment and confusing messages about drugs and alcohol may be making it even more difficult for teenagers to get their bearings as they move toward adulthood. That is why it is more important than ever for parents to know what is going on in their kids’ lives and have the skills to respond to their teens appropriately.

Specifically, as drugs and alcohol are becoming more accessible and more states are legalizing marijuana, many teens may believe that the use of marijuana or other substances is now okay. Parents should know that legalization of marijuana does not mean it is harmless, and increased availability of other substances does not make them less harmful, either. Marijuana and other substances can cause permanent damage to the teenage brain, and teens can become addicted more quickly than adults.

This is a time when parents need to become involved in their teens’ lives and help them navigate these complex issues. While many parents may think of their teens as grown-ups and able to fully take care of themselves, teenagers have said that this is a time when they need their parents the most. Asking questions and being involved shows teenagers that their parents care.

“Even though teens may sometimes indicate otherwise, through my experience as a psychiatrist to teenagers, I have found that most of them want their parents involved in their lives to provide guidance and support,” says Dr. Thomas Wright, chief medical officer at Rosecrance, one of the country’s leading teen substance abuse treatment centers. “Teens want their parents to actively parent them and provide them guidance they need, including direction around substances.”

Studies have shown that parents who play an active role in the lives of their teens can positively impact their children’s behavior and influence them to cease or abstain from ever using substances. In contrast, research shows that teens whose parents expect them to engage in risky behaviors such as drinking and using drugs are more likely to do so.

“It is critical that parents understand their role and take conscious measures to support their teens in living a healthy and happy life,” Wright says. “Parents should ask what their teens are doing, address the pressures they are facing, act immediately when they suspect their teen is in trouble, and advocate for help if their teen needs it to help them live a healthy life.”

One Rule?

by Rick Nier

You had one rule! One. Rule!!!!

That’s what I would say to Adam and Eve. I imagine that’s what a lot of people would say to Adam and Eve.

We have lots of rules. In fact, you can even find books of ridiculous rules that have been made. For every dumb thing that has been done, a dumber rule has been made to keep it from happening again.


The Earnest Christian: February Edition

If you have not already taken a chance to see the newest edition of our church newsletter, The Earnest Christian, you can go to to check it out.

A Bid Farewell


Thank you for the wonderful retirement luncheon and program you gave us on January 18.  Your kind words and expressions of love are all very special to us.  It has been a blessing to serve in pastoral ministry at WLFMC over the last 3 1/2 years.  God has blessed us all in so many ways as we have worked together to advance his kingdom.  Elaine and I are very grateful for the faithful prayer support of so many, your financial support of our ministry, and for the many new friendships that we enjoy as a result of our time with you.