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Have you ever wondered about the larger Free Methodist Church? No, not just the group of people you meet with on that one corner once a week. I am talking about the Free Methodist denomination. Have you ever checked out the worldwide Free Methodist Church?

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A Lavish Offering

Luke 21:4

Reading: Luke 21:1-4

[The widow] out of her poverty put in all she had to live on. – Luke 21:4

Additional Scripture Readings: Luke 6:382 Corinthians 8:12

The widow shuffled up the temple steps to the treasury where the offering boxes, shaped like inverted megaphones, gaped their open mouths to receive her offering. She didn’t have much to give: two small coffer coins, worth almost nothing by today’s standards.

But these two coins were all she had to live on and were, therefore, exceedingly valuable to her. They were the sum total of her worldly wealth.


5 Simple Ways to Get Kids Into the Bible


It’s a goal we hear from many children’s ministers…we want to get kids into the Bible, knowing how to use it and understanding its truths. If this is you, keep reading…we’ve got some quick tips to help your kids start to explore the Bible and to help its message stick in the hearts of your kids.


Trinity of Tears

jesus-crying-over-the-earth[1]On the fourth day at the tomb of a dear friend Jesus wept (John 11:35).  On the first day of the week, as the crowds hailed him as king, Jesus wept (Luke 19:41).  On the night he was betrayed, Jesus wept (Luke 22:39-45, Heb. 5:7).

In the face of death, at the place of death, in response to the fact of death, in the midst of friends experiencing the pain and grief of death, Jesus enters in.  Jesus wept, knowing full well what he would do next.  Weeping not because death was final, but because death was real even if not final.  Weeping not because death has no answer but because the answer could not come short of entering into the death that was to be undone.  Weeping not because no one understood, but because everyone both understood and misunderstood, because even in seeing the impossible they would slip back into the same old death-ways.  Not because they wanted to but because they could do no other, without help.  In the face of death, Jesus wept the tears of those who die and the tears of those who watch loved ones die and the tears of those who fear that dying is where living leads.


Now What?

Now What Sermon Series


Well, we have celebrated Easter. Now what?

Chances are, if you have kids, you still have an Easter basket sitting around your house somewhere, with plastic eggs filled with candy in it. Filled with candy until dad sneaks some out without the kids knowing about it. At my house, we call that the ‘dad tax’. But soon the candy will be gone. Now what?

If you don’t have children, then you are no doubt noticing the stores are already filled with reminders of Mother’s Day coming up. Is that all our focus should be on? Now what?

Whether Easter comes early in March or late in April, it is a sure sign that Spring is coming, or has already arrived. Is it time to simply focus on our lawns and ensure they look as good as our neighbor’s? Is that all we have been called to? Or does the celebrating of Easter connect to something else we should be doing as well?

Now what?

For the next two weeks, Pastor Rick will be focusing on this question. Don’t miss our Sunday morning worship services. They begin at 10:45 a.m.

If you’re wondering what comes next, you’re about to find out.

For Sale: One Grave, Slightly Used

Bishop David Roller has posted a video on his blog you should check out. He introduced it this way:


It’s not Christmas. Everybody gets born. It’s not Good Friday. Everybody dies. It’s Easter! Easter was the first and only resurrection (so far). It wasn’t a corpse resucitated…it was a new body!
If you don’t know this story, you don’t know hope. If you don’t know this story, all you have to look forward to is the inside of a coffin. But there’s more than that! There’s a sunrise after death!


What Happened?

It is fascinating to think about how the crowd revered Jesus at the beginning of the week but reviled Him at the end. Keep in mind, this is before the invention of Facebook and Twitter where we get worked up in a new frenzy every week. So the up and down of the crowd is remarkable. Consider the following…


Parent’s Progress 4.17.14

This week we bring you a few articles from the most recent Homeword Good Advice Parent Newsletter

Spring Cleaning

Ah, it’s spring again! Time to throw open the windows, take down the shutters, put away your winter wardrobe, and do a little spring cleaning. There’s something about spring that just makes you want to shake out the rugs and sweep out the garage.

Spiritually, we sometimes need a little spring cleaning as well — a readjustment that guarantees that our priorities are right. To start, I challenge you to honestly answer the questions below to see if there’s work to be done in your life.

To finish this article, click here.


General Conference 2015

General Conference 2015 is a gathering of the global Free Methodist Church for inspiration, collaboration and resourcing. If you desire to be equipped for personal and congregation outreach, following the nine strategic priorities, this is the experience for you. It includes separate but corresponding learning tracks for children, so bring your whole family!

This is just one way to experience GC 15. The Bishops have big plans, including mission trips, coordinated for that same week. If you would like to be updated about what is going on, just visit

Kiddie Kollege

Kiddie Kollege. A preschool that is older than most of the people who work there and a thriving outreach ministry of WLFMC. Our building is a lot quieter when they are not here, but that’s not a good thing. Now with a childcare for the past 5 years, this ministry continues to grow and our influence on the community is constant and expanding.

You can keep up with all the activities of Kiddie Kollege by liking them on Facebook (

You can also find inromation about them on our website at

And you can also support Kiddie Kollege by collecting Campbell’s Labels for Education, something which just became easier to do.

Continue to pray for us and this wonderful ministry. Working with children and families is a daily blessing.