Living the Mission



God desires the redemption of the world and actively works to bring about His ends. That’s the overarching story of the Bible. Some call this the mission of God.

Followers of Jesus participate in the mission of God.

For easy reference, let’s use “missional living” to describe the efforts of Jesus’ followers to participate in God’s earthly work.


Global Ministry from Africa to Arizona


Myra Adamson from Light & Life Communications on Vimeo.

Myra Adamson (Photo by Ben Forsberg)

Myra Adamson (Photo by Ben Forsberg)

Myra Adamson retired in the early 1990s after more than 30 years as a Free Methodist missionary in central Africa, but her cross-cultural ministry did not end.

“I was born in Africa, and I always dreaded the day when I would have to retire,” said Adamson, whose parents also were missionaries. “I would say, ‘Lord, I don’t want to know when it’s my last time to go to Africa.’ So then God brought Africa to me.”

One Sunday morning in 2010, a family of 12 entered the worship service at the Glendale (Ariz.) Light and Life Church that Adamson attended.


Parent’s Progress 3.27.14

What if we didn’t see things the way we first saw them? What if we allowed another perspective to change our thinking? And what if it allowed us to offer more grace to younger generations? This week we offer an article that may do just that.


Snapchat as an App of Grace

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Snapchat as an App of Grace

by Tyler Smither

Every few weeks, it seems, there is an article that makes the rounds among the youth ministry circles of the interwebs. These articles all tend to say the same thing: social media technology, specifically the apps on teenagers’ phones, is dangerous and is being used by our students in very unhealthy ways. This social technology is evil and it must be shunned!

For the many folks who are looking to teenagers to provide some sociological evidence of the fall, this line of thinking simply isn’t true. Sure, there are instances in which some teens misuse their social media apps; you may have even witnessed this in your own ministry setting. However, the vast majority of teens are not using social technology in this way. To assume that they are is missing the much bigger picture, and is actually doing a lot of harm to our witness as the Body of Christ.


Keeping Connected


llm_mar14_foundationThe church’s greatest missionary, Paul, knew the importance of keeping churches engaged locally and globally. Without electronic tools, Paul connected churches and built partnerships (Philippians 1:5) through letters. Partnerships still benefit the church today.

The local church’s prayer ministry is greatly enhanced by its global reach. Staying in touch with worldwide partners informs our prayers. We avoid mundane and selfish praying when we hear the urgent request, “pray for us” (Colossians 4:3). We remember to pray for the gospel’s extension (Colossians 4:2–6).

Sharing our material resources is


Connecting with God’s Heart for the World


llm_mar14_featureAt General Conference 2007, I came to a fork in the road on my faith journey.

Indian Bishop John Gollapalli spoke, reminding us of God’s collective call to all the nations and encouraging us to let our imaginations go free with the help of the Holy Spirit. It was a “God moment,” where I sat among more than 1,000 Free Methodists but heard the message as if I were alone. I had an overwhelming sense of God’s presence.

With tears streaming down my face, I avoided eye contact, made my way through the crowd and walked across the Spring Arbor University campus to the dormitory. In the room, I fell to my knees, burying my face in the carpet. I poured my heart out
to God, and He met me there.


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9 Family Fun Night Ideas

Looking for ideas on a Friday night? 

Tara Ziegmont

family fun nightHere’s a radical concept: In order for your family to have fun together, they must spend time together. So get out of your comfort zone and breathe life, joy, and camaraderie into your family. –Dave Stone, Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter

Whether you work away from home and your kids go to school or you’re a homemaker who homeschools, it’s really important to set aside time for family fun nights to establish family bonds and create lasting memories. If you spend a lot of time apart, the reason for family fun nights is obvious, right? To connect, to talk, to love, to laugh. To just be.

If you spend your days and nights with your kids, you might not think family fun nights are necessary. But during the day, your family is working – cleaning, cooking, learning, reading, or typing. Are you taking time to really connect? Are both mom and dad involved? You might play and laugh together throughout the day, in small doses, but I suspect the answer is no (and I suspect that because it’s the case at my own homeschooling house if I’m not very intentional about playing with my kids).


Parent’s Progress 3.20.14

Each week we try to bring parents a resource of some kind. We believe that knowledge is power and can be very helpful in how we parent teenagers. Today we have an article from David Smith at The Source for Youth Ministry. 


Sexy Songs
Sensual Lyrics on Full Display in
Music’s Top 10

An article from David R. Smith at

The other day, I ran across some material describing sexual positions, some racy descriptions of the female anatomy, and a couple of guys bragging about how they have sex with girls. No, I wasn’t reading a textbook from a freshman’s health class, nor was I watching porn.

Like millions of teenagers, I was just listening to a few songs in this week’s Top 10.


For Such a Time As This


You can’t have missions without missionaries. The publication of FMWM, World Mission People Magazine, shines a light on the people who make missions possible and the people they reach.

Go here to read the stories of people around the world, making a difference.


Called to Fruitfulness and Growth



My wife, Ann, and I went to Murrieta on a balmy Southern California November Sunday morning to be part of a worship service of the Lamb’s Fellowship (now Centerpoint Church) to see if that would be where Jesus would want us to serve Him. We were both 29 years old and relatively inexperienced. Our firstborn son, Toby, was just a year old at the time; we checked him into the nursery and took our seats.