Health and Holiness


llm_jan14_historyIt is not necessary to teach us how to lose our health. Works on hygiene do not attempt to do that. A simple neglect of the laws of health will bring on disorder, disease and finally death. Many a person has lost his health without being able to tell how he lost it.

So the Bible does not teach us how to lose holiness. It gives us very explicit directions how to keep it. In each of these passages, there is something for us to do if we would keep holiness and get through to heaven.

We are told that we must “increase and abound in love one
toward another, and toward all men” (1 Thessalonians 3:12–13 KJV). What we had when we were converted, or when we were sanctified wholly is not sufficient. It is not enough that we grow in knowledge; there must be a marked increase in love. We must abound in it — not merely toward those who love us, but toward “all men.”

The things to be done in order that we may “never fail” (2 Peter 1:10–11 KJV) are Christian graces to be added to the beginnings of graces received when we were converted and sanctified wholly.

Some lakes and inland seas are without outlets, but none are without inlets. Insensible evaporation would soon dry up the largest of them if its waters were not receiving a constant addition.

No matter how much grace a person received when converted and sanctified wholly, if he does not grow in grace, he will become dry and unfruitful, spiritually dead and insensible to his condition.

B.T. Roberts was a principal founder of the Free Methodist Church. This article is a condensed excerpt of Chapter 20 in “Holiness Teachings: The Life and Work of B.T. Roberts.”

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Top Ten Mistakes Christian Parents of Teens Make

I’m not one for promoting Top 10 lists and scare tactics. Forget the title and let this article be an encouragement of some solid ways you can connect with your teenagers. 

Top Ten Mistakes Christian Parents of Teens MakeTop Ten Mistakes Christian Parents of Teens Make

It might be difficult for some parents to read through, but here’s a top ten list that I’ve been wanting to write for a while. Over the next several days I’ll be expanding on each of these in succession, but for now, here is my top ten mistakes Christian parents of teens make:


The Sign and Signature of a Healthy Church


llm_jan14_featureMost of us do not fully appreciate good health until we lose it. We take it for granted when we have it. When we lose it, we yearn for it with passion.

I languished inconsolably with a plague of kidney stones for more than three years until I discovered a remedy. The past five years of health have been marked with daily thanks for pain-free living.

Good health feels good. It is also attractive. When we feel well, we look it. That is why so many seek health. We find enjoyment in feeling and looking well.


Avoiding Tangled Webs in the Healthy Church Community


llm_jan14_disc2In our previous article, “Safe Behavior,” we studied the foundation of how to be a community of people who behave in safe ways so that a culture of dignity and respect can be created as we acknowledge that each person is made in God’s image and loved by Him. In this second article, we build on the foundation by avoiding a pitfall of unhealthy communication.

The indirect communication caused by triangles has been identified as a primary dysfunction within families and churches. When disagreement or conflict occurs, rather than following Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18 and going directly to the other person to resolve it, a third person is gossiped to or conscripted to communicate to the other. When a third person is involved, a triangle is created. The likelihood is diminished that the first two will have reconciling direct communication, so the conflict continues and intensifies. As others become involved, coalitions are formed, and the congregation becomes a tangled web of triangles unlikely to find unity.


Servant Leadership in a Healthy Biblical Community

by  o

llm_jan14_disc3In our article “Safe Behavior,” we laid a foundation of safe behavior so that every individual is treated with respect, dignity and worth as a person made in the image of God and loved by Him. In our article“Avoiding Tangled Webs in the Healthy Church Community,” we built on that foundation a structure of healthy communication so that we do not end up with tangled webs of division and competition but handle conflict in the way that Jesus taught us to in Matthew 18: Go directly to the one we have a problem with and resolve it peacefully. In this article, we focus on the importance of servant leadership in creating healthy biblical community.


Another Good Connection

Muffins 4 Moms was held on Wednesday, January 22.

42 Moms/Grandmas

90 Muffins

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Memories to last a lifetime!

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Parent’s Progress 2.6.14

Parenting is something you don’t get tested on before you begin, making it an education you must learn on the fly. Here’s an article you can consider for extra education.


We go to school anywhere from 12 to 20 years or more to prepare us for our jobs, yet there’s no training for the most difficult job any of us will ever have: being a mom or a dad. You have to pick it up as you go. We do some things right, and we mess other things up. More often than not, I feel like I must be doing something wrong as a father when I don’t see my children acting the exact way I want them to.

The key is learning from our mistakes. Here are three simple things that we can focus on in the new year that could have a big impact on our children.


More and Better

by Rick Nier

At our recent Society Meeting, I shared my goals for our discipleship strategy, especially as it pertains to our church mission statement. I believe this is important enough for everyone to hear and consider. Here are a few snippets:

Our church adopted a mission statement last year which states,

The purpose of the WLFMC is to serve Christ, His Church and our community

by making more and growing better disciples in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Missions 2014 – Where Does My Money Go???


Mike & Vicki Reynen live in Kenya, Africa. He is the Africa Area Director so
travels the entire continent with administrative responsibilities. The African
continent has 57 countries. Free Methodist Missions are in about 28 of them.
Vicki oversees the Child Care Ministries in the various countries. We promise
Reynen’s $4000 per year.

Gary & Pat Cruce now live in Indianapolis, USA. They left their hearts in
Peru where they served for a number of years. They returned a year ago to
Indiana. They were needed at the Free Methodist Missions office to coach
missionaries in effective ways to raise their needed support. Pat & Gary have
been effective as shown by the financial results of 2013. We pledge $4000
for their ministry.

Mike & Maria Long minister in Greece. WLFMC is Mike’s home church
where he grew up and was known as “Kevin”. After High School he went as a
volunteer to Greece for two years where he did street ministry. While there he
met Maria, who is Greek, and the rest is history. They served as pastors with
the Free Methodists in Florida and Indiana. Then they returned to Greece to
serve as missionaries. They have a passion to take Jesus to the people of
Greece. We help them by paying $8000 of their annual salary.

Steve & Jenny Evoy still live in Michigan as their funds are not fully
raised. Steve was appointed last year as Area Director for Asia. When funds
are in place, the family plans to move to Thailand. They have two young
girls. Steve travels to Asia from time to time to fulfill his responsibilities. It
will be great for the Evoys when they can live in Asia as they will have more
time together as a family. We help Steve and Jenny with $2000 of their

Ken & Linda live in Iraq in the Kurdistan region. In this creative access
country they are learning the majority language and culture. Building
relationships is very important in a culture where everything is based upon
them. This takes time. Ken, a medical doctor, is also doing some clinics in
out-lying areas. We support them with $1000 each year.

We also help Church Planting in Egypt with $1000. This
money buys supplies and helps men to travel to villages to start small
home groups where people study God’s word.

Thanks to God for His Mercies (continued)

by Pastor Roland

I was in my sixth year as pastor of the Ripon Free Methodist Church in California. I was serving
on the Conference Board of Ministerial Education and Guidance, so I was aware that the Superintendent
and the Ministerial Appointments Committee were looking for a new pastor for the Turlock F M Church.
Turlock was a larger city than Ripon and located about 25 miles further south on Highway 99. The senior
pastor had come to California from Colorado and, after seven years, had decided to return to Colorado. I
even participated in MEG Board interviews of a couple of candidates for the appointment. But, none of
those had worked out and the search was continuing.