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The National Association of Evangelicals holds its 1948 convention in Chicago. (United Evangelical Action photo courtesy of Marston Memorial Historical Center)

The National Association of Evangelicals holds its 1948 convention in Chicago. (United Evangelical Action photo courtesy of Marston
Memorial Historical Center)

In the early years of Free Methodism’s history, B.T. Roberts stated that his difficult experiences with the Methodist Episcopal Church had cured him of sectarian bigotry. He said, “I feel a deep sympathy with every enterprise that has a tendency to promote the kingdom of Christ in its purity.”


Parent’s Progress 01.16.14

Parenting is a never-ending job. When our children are young, we are continually looking all over for potential dangers. As they get older, the danger do not cease, thus our need to keep looking.

Today, we offer a couple of resources that will help. One looks back, the other looks forward.


Creating Community Coalitions


Methodist founder John Wesley realized partnerships were important in developing ministries.

While forbidden to preach in many parish churches of England, Wesley formed a partnership with evangelist George Whitefield, a Calvinist, and took to field preaching. A great friendship developed as Wesley and Whitefield created an effective coalition in the midst of theological differences that included the Arminian/Calvinist divide.


They realized that preaching in fields would reach those that may never have entered a church. They took the church to where the people were, and thousands were converted to Christ.

Ministry in the 21st century can be as theologically fundamental as ministry in the 1700s. Styles of ministry, however, must be new and creative to reach populations that have isolated themselves from a church setting, claiming: “They’re a bunch of hypocrites.” “Preachers take all the money for themselves.” “The church is all talk and no substance.”


Free Methodists Partner


Bishop David Kendall: For more from Bishop Kendall on partnering, visit fmchr.ch/partnerwithothers.

Bishop David Kendall: For more from Bishop Kendall on partnering, visit fmchr.ch/partnerwithothers.

Our mission is to love God and people, and to make disciples of Jesus who will, in turn, love God and people and make disciples. Our vision is to bring wholeness to the world through healthy biblical communities of holy people who multiply disciples, leaders, groups and churches. Our conviction is that accomplishing our mission and fulfilling our vision will require us to partner with other people and groups, both among and beyond the Free Methodist Church.


Partnering with Others to Prosper the City



llm_dec13_featureCaldwell, Idaho, is a well-cared-for city with a great mayor. The city successfully courts new businesses. Caldwell’s population exploded with a 78-percent increase over the last decade. Nearly 50,000 people now call Caldwell home.

In many ways, Caldwell still seems like a small town.

A widow calls the mayor’s office when she is unable to get out of her home to rake leaves. The city does almost anything to avoid writing code violations in poorer neighborhoods. Several service organizations help people. Despite the small-town feel and the scores of service organizations, however, there’s no simple way to connect willing volunteers with local projects.

A tragedy set us in motion. A 5-year-old playing with a lighter burned his family’s home to the ground. The severely burned boy was flown to Salt Lake City in grave condition. Watching news coverage, I mused, “That’s not that far from the church. We should be in touch with them.”


Thanks to God For His Mercy

by Roland Kramer

Thanks to God for His Mercies  (continued)

After four years of pastoral ministry in Fernley, Nevada, we thought it would be good for our daughters, who were now entering high school and the eighth grade, to return to California and a community where there would be more activities available to them.  I contacted our conference superintendent and told him of my desire to move back to California.  In time, the Ministerial Appointments Committee decided on an appointment to the Ripon Free Methodist Church where the present pastor was planning to retire that year.


Parent’s Progress 1.09.14

Welcome back to another year of encouraging blog posts, information updates and parenting helps. We at Winona Lake FMC care about your role as parents, believing you are the primary resource to disciple your children and teens. We want to equip you as much as possible, which is why we dedicate most Thursdays on this blog to providing you with some tools. It could be some research we found to be helpful, or some ideas you could implement.

Here are this week’s samples…

PG-13 movies are better than Rated R movies, right?

Are your teens texting in their sleep?

By the way, how important are parents for making sure teens get enough sleep?

Don’t Act Like That!

Don’t act like that!

These are the words I say to my children every day. Every. Single. Day. 

Of course, what never gets old is having my children stare at me blankly and ask why their behavior is inappropriate. 

Do you really have to ask? They do, apparently. This is where my answers vary, depending on the situation or the place. 


Annual Society Meeting

Each year we invite everyone to come together for one meeting. It’s a meeting of our entire society. Since we do it once a year we have creatively called it our Annual Society Meeting. Don’t worry, we didn’t exceed our creative quota for the day on that title.

But we do feel it is an important meeting. We elect new Ministry Teams to help run and organize the business of our church. We make sure that new members are approved and all positions filled. Perhaps most importantly, we hear fresh vision and reports from our pastors. We also her a detailed report from our Finance Team and approve a new year’s budget.

We believe so much in this meeting that we are bring a change to it. It will happen right after our morning worship service on Sunday, January 12. We’ll have a carry-in lunch. Everyone is invited to stay (you don’t have to be an official member). Childcare will be provided.

Mark it down today and plan to join us. 2014 is going to be a great year at WLFMC!

Happy Birthday Kiddie Kare!

Kiddie-Kollege-Logo.pngKiddie-Kollege-Logo.pngI, Jen Nier, had this crazy vision way back in 2007 to open a Child Care at our church.  After filling out more paperwork than I’ve ever wanted, enduring multiple inspections, designing plans, consulting with lots of people, changing the location from the basement of our church to the parsonage next door, and then waiting, waiting, waiting, the vision became a reality in September of 2008.  It has taken a lot of time to build up this program, and there were many times that I thought we were going to need to close, due to lack of funds and/or lack of children attending.  Five years later, we are still continuing to build momentum.  We decided this year to eliminate the afternoon preschool class and focus on special activities for the child care children.  We have 2 teachers that help after morning classes and 2 aides as well.  We have had around 30 children attend the child care this semester (not all at the same time-thank you, Jesus!), and on a couple of days we average 24 children for lunch!  Our child care has been so busy that we’ve had to put people on a waiting list!  I have had so many calls and my favorite thing to hear is this: “My friends told me about your child care and say it’s the best one in town!”  I think this is the best compliment we could receive from our parents and the best advertisement!

Thank you so much for your support in spite of all my crazy ideas!  We would appreciate your continued support and prayer for our ministries and for our staff.


Happy 5th birthday, Kiddie Kare Child Care Ministry!!