Christmas Activities

Christmas Dinner

Sunday, December 15, after Morning Worship Service. Ham, rolls and beverage will be provided. Families are encouraged to sign up and bring sides and a dessert.


Candlelight Service

Sunday, December 22 at 6 p.m.


We’ll be celebrating the coming of a Shepherd-King each Sunday of Advent. Services begin at 10:45 each Sunday morning. Other service and group meeting times can be confirmed by visiting our calendar page.

Are We Overstressing Our Teens?

Jennifer Slattery

Does it feel like the standards keep rising while opportunities dwindle? No longer is a Bachelor’s degree sufficient. You now need a Master’s, and even then, you might end up in the unemployment line. This is the financial climate our teens are growing up in. The climate we parents are raising our teens in. With so much at stake, how can we help position our children for long-term success without destroying them in the process?

It was ten o’clock on a school night, and my daughter was just getting home from a four hour play rehearsal. Play practices were stealing our family time, her study time, and her ability to get the rest she needed to stay healthy and alert. As an A student with a challenging course load, she’s overtired and overwhelmed on a good day. Add in the demands of an extra-curricular activity, and it’s enough to send her over the edge. My husband and I were faced with a difficult and confusing dilemma: Did we encourage her to persevere, even if it hurt her academics? Or did we pull her out to allow her to focus on other commitments?


One Man’s Choice

by Rick Nier

I’m really surprised the people of God made a stupid decision ~said no one ever.

If people in the Church ever get tired of smacking their heads, we can at least take comfort in knowing that we come from a long line of people of God making dumb decisions. If Hebrews 11 gives us the members of the Faith Hall of Fame, the rest of scripture provides us with plenty of the opposite. 

In Exodus 32, we find another instance of the Israelites performing an Almighty no-no. No big surprise, right? Maybe. This instance involved them getting impatient waiting for Moses to bring down the 10 commandments, so they made a gold cow to worship. That sounds about right. Why wait for God, who is busy saving you, when you can worship something else right now?


Pray With Thanksgiving


On that day they will say to Jerusalem, “Do not fear, Zion; do not let your hands hang limp. The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” —Zephaniah 3:16–17

Dear brothers and sisters, God’s love is calling us to the joys of eternal happiness for the salvation of our soul. “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Philippians 4:4). The “joys” of this world lead to eternal misery, but the joys willed for us by the Lord are enduring and everlasting if we persevere. The Apostle therefore says, “Again I say: rejoice” (Philippians 4:4).


Thanks to God for His Mercy

by Roland Kramer

We were living in Fernley, Nevada as I was serving as pastor of our FM church there.  Our daughters were doing well in the public schools.  They were in their upper elementary years, involved in band and also involved in Little League Softball.  Elaine and I were having opportunities to meet parents of their classmates, as well as their teachers.  One of those teachers was Mr. K.  For whatever reasons, our personalities kind of clicked and we became friends.  Over the next couple of years we had dinner together a few times, spent a day at his family’s house up at Lake Tahoe, went to a movie together and visited at his new home outside of Reno.

Mr. K was a dedicated teacher and did a great job with the children.  He served as a reserve law enforcement officer and was a helpful resource person for certain problems we had to handle during those years.  Through our conversations, we discovered that he was Jewish.  In the course of time, Mr. K began seeing a woman in the community and their relationship grew deeper and stronger.

One day, he surprised me by asking about the times of our services at the church. 



by Mary Helen Gensch

Last night, our first snow graced the barren, brown earth. The whiteness beautified our surroundings. The crisp blanket delighted my heart.

Two weeks ago, my daughter successfully earned her driver’s license. Giddy would describe her spirits. Immediately she wanted to drive to school. Realizing Tim’s basketball practice was going late, I agreed to let her drive yesterday.

As the temperatures dropped and the “dusting” snow was coming down like rain, my thoughts turned to concern as darkness settled in. Would the roads be slick? Would the deer stay away? I was thankful her brother, Tim, was riding with her and the snow wasn’t sticking heavily. I texted to go slow on the main road.


Free Methodists Partner

by Bishop David Kendall

Our mission is to love God and people, and to make disciples of Jesus who will, in turn, love God and people and make disciples. Our vision is to bring wholeness to the world through healthy biblical communities of holy people who multiply disciples, leaders, groups and churches. Our conviction is that accomplishing our mission and fulfilling our vision will require us to partner with other people and groups, both among and beyond the Free Methodist Church. Let me tell you why.


The Effects of Missing Church

church attendance

by Kenneth Kaykendall

I am a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan.  I rarely miss a game, and if I do, be sure, it is being recorded to watch at a later time, even if I know the outcome.  I love Georgia football.  And if I had tickets, which I do not, I would do everything I could to go to the game.  I would amend my calendar, reschedule my appointments, and prioritize my activities to ensure my attendance.  But if something happened, and I couldn’t make it, it would not affect the dynamic of the crowd, or the outcome of the event.  It wouldn’t change, one little bit, the atmosphere.  Simply put, my attendance would not be missed.  The team would stick to their game-plan, the crowd would maintain their electric charge, and the prices would be exactly as they are. The same is NOT true for my attendance at church.

When a church member misses worship service, the church drastically suffers.

The Bible is emphatic about church attendance.  The writer of Hebrews challenges us with convicting words, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25).  Have you ever thought about the effect your absence has in the House of God? When you are not there:


Investing in Leaders

by Brian Kono
The first Western Youth Advance (Photo courtesy of Marston Memorial Historical Center)

The first Western Youth Advance (Photo courtesy of Marston Memorial Historical Center)

In 1937, the Free Methodist Church drove its stake of commitment into the grounds of Palmer Lake Camp in the Rocky Mountains. The church committed to investing in its future leaders through the Western Youth

Advance (WYA) led by Ernest Keasling Jr.

WYA inspired conference-level Young Peoples Missionary Societies (YPMS) to a higher level of ministry. These societies led discipleship and training for teens within conferences. Never before had our denomination gathered students in a national event.


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