Emerging Leaders

ICCM knows that most of the ICCM students who graduate from secondary school in an environment of poverty will never have the chance to seek higher education. So, what if the brightest and best could develop their God-given potential through a college education and return to their communities to lead in family, church and society?
Through ICCM’s new initiative, Emerging Leaders, young men and women who have been sponsored through our program and show great potential to become Christian leaders will be provided with the opportunity to get an undergraduate degree and grow in their Christian leadership capacities. You can invest in Emerging Leaders. An entire year of tuition, room, and board at Haiti Providence University costs only $2,500 for one student. A gift of any amount towards that will be greatly appreciated


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Thanks to God For His Mercy

I was serving in Fernley, Nevada as bi-vocational pastor of the Free Methodist Church.  I was working at Valley Bank of Nevada in Reno as a teller.  Elaine was working at Macy’s in Reno.  I had been given the responsibility of serving as vault teller in addition to my regular window duties.  That meant that, when they had excess cash in their drawers, the other tellers would place it in bundles and give it to me to verify and deposit in the vault under dual custody.  Late one dark autumn Friday afternoon, a teller had brought two bundles of 100’s and one bundle of 50’s totaling $5,000 to my station.  I quickly verified the amounts by counting the bills and prepared a vault deposit slip.  But it was very busy in the branch and I didn’t think I had time to call on someone else to go to the vault with me with customers standing in line, so I placed the bundles on the “L” counter to my side.


You Have a Story!

We are looking for stories. Not just any stories, but stories of God meeting with people. Maybe you know how to tell your story of when you came to know Jesus as a personal friend and savior. But Jesus wasn’t finished with you at that moment. He was just getting started. If you’d like to share your story with us, download this tool for some help in writing it out.

True Stories

Harley Moments

Today’s post comes from our very own Mary Helen Gensch. It was originally posted here.

Harley Moments:
Lessons I’m Learning About Our Loving God

I love my dog.

Harley loves to snuggle. If a lap is available, he is quick to find residence in it. Within the first few moments we met Harley at the Animal Shelter, he was enticed to hop on Elizabeth’s lap. He gladly accepted the invitation and has been a lap lover ever since.

On most occasions, including this writing, my lap is unavailable and so he snuggles beside me. He’s an expert at saddling beside you and maneuvering in for a comfortable position. Harley does not hesitate with his wish to be close, cuddling in.

The invitation was given and Harley wholeheartedly obliged. Permission granted to cuddle has been accepted every day since. My dog basks in the closeness give to him. He bathes in the love provided for him and reciprocates his adoration. Harley snuggles in the knowledge of his adoption.

My God, how you must love me! I am a Harley, a being who desires love, acceptance, and belonging by my Savior, my God. Why is this yearning so hard to grasp? Why do I question and debate invisible stipulations? Why do I doubt God can just envelope me unconditionally? The negative reasoning is no match for You.

I love my dog.

But you, God, … you love me more!

With tears streaming, my soul is humbled, gratified, and amazed at this all-accepting love God gifts to me.

Psalm 13:5-6 “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for He has been good to me.”

Your life was meant for something more!

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“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.” (James 1:22, NLT)

“Just as we’re consumers of clothing and movies and huge homes and electronic gadgets, we become consumers of all things biblical. Consume, consume, consume—without ever living out the truths we’re consuming.

Guess what? God says there’s something more to life and to this whole adventure of faith. God calls us to a deeper faith, a more active faith—a faith that’s demonstrated through our actions and our lifestyle. Your life was meant for something more!”

Excerpted from Ten Days Without: Daring Adventures in Discomfort That Will Change Your World and You by Daniel Ryan Day

Parent’s Progress 10.24.13

Let’s tell the truth. Parenting is hard work. As much as we love our children, sometimes we need a break with our spouse. I have great news for you! It’s also good for your kids to see you date your spouse. This latest monthly newsletter from our friends at Homeword offer a few articles about how to do just that.

You can view it right here.

Adding Your Stories to His

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“Abandoning the tiny story of me and embracing the forever Story of Jesus will allow our little lives to be filled with the wonder of God as we live for the unending applause of His name. And joining our small stories to His will give us what we all want most in life, anyway: the assurance that our brief moments on earth will count for something in a Story that never ends.

Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I AM by Louie Giglio

A Miracle Story

It’s Thursday.  The next day, I Phyllis Sorter, was to fly to Lagos to meet a Visa Team.  I scheduled Thursday to go to the bank to withdraw money needed to buy groceries for the team, pay for my flight to Lagos to meet the team, pay for our hotels, taxis and flights back to Eket.

I drove up to the bank.  Heavy gates and metal protectors fronting the building, normally open and welcoming at that hour, were chained shut!  I sat in the car stunned, gaping at those gates.  Not believing my eyes.  The security guard standing there waved at me, shook his head and mouthed, “Bank is closed today.  State Holiday.  Closed tomorrow too.” 


Can You Read More than a Blog Post?


As Fall arrives with cooling temperatures and encourages more indoor activities, check out the variety of books awaiting you in the WLFMC library. A wide variety of books for all ages line the shelves, including some recent additions in the fiction section.  Author Joyce Magnin has published a new book in her “Harriet Beamer” series continuing the accounts of retiree Harriet as she encounters more unique experiences after relocating from Pennsylvania to California.  In Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold we follow the adventures as Harriet trusts her instincts instead of good judgment when she encounters a young teen whose father just happens to have a gold mine that needs an investor to share in the results (and costs) of developing the potential windfall. Now living with her son and his wife, the family interpersonal relationships also create some tense moments as Harriet keeps difficult secrets and misinterprets other events.  This light-hearted tale, one of the recent additions to your WLFMC library, will entertain and also instruct you in the inner workings of gold mining.  Winter Palace, another engaging volume in “The Priceless Collection” series by Davis Bunn transports you to Russia as the ongoing results of historical events in the aftermath of World War II unfold. American antiques specialist Jeffrey Sinclair, associated with a London shop, finds multiple challenges as he grows in the depth of his Christian faith while working with intriguing individuals in a ruptured society striving to survive as they battle personal issues, a collapsing economy and the underground tentacles of former KGB agents, criminal gangs and smugglers. Widow of Gettysburg is the second in a new series entitled “Heroines Behind the Lines” by Jocelyn Green.  These historically accurate fictional accounts include first-person records from letters and journals of women who lived through the devastating wars that shaped the emerging United States, contributing in unique ways while endeavoring to maintain their roles of wife, mother, and homemaker.




Your Story Could Be Here

Extra! Extra!

We want to read (or hear) all about it. We believe that everyone has a story. We believe that God is moving in your lives, even today. Would you consider sharing it with your church family? The story of God working in our daily lives provides a great amount of encouragement for everyone who hears about it. Right now, on our church website (http://wlfmc.org/resources/links/) you can find a tool called True Stories which will guide you through the process of sharing your story. Download it today!