Parent’s Progress 09.19.13

Last week my wife taped a showing of We Bought a Zoo. Rated PG, she thought it would be a family-type comedy, complete with animals and hilarious mishaps. One look at for the movie rating gave us pause. My wife and I previewed it and realized it was clearly not made with families in mind.

In parenting, we try to approach each area with knowledge ahead of time. It doesn’t solve everything, but it certainly helps. With that in mind, I am providing a link to Homeword’s September Newsletter. It provides articles on raising your kids, watching culture and providing your teens with the focus they can only find in your voice.

Family Wounds Are Slow to Heal

family wounds slow to heal

Family wounds are slow to heal.

I hope your childhood was a happy time when your parents kept everyone fed, safe, and chuckling. I hope your dad came home every day, your mom tucked you in bed every night, and your siblings were your best friends.

But if not, you need to know you aren’t alone. The most famous family tree in the Bible suffered from a serious case of blight. Adam accused Eve. Cain killed his little brother. Abraham lied about Sarah. Rebekah favored Jacob. Jacob cheated Esau and then raised a gang of hoodlums.

The book of Genesis is a relative disaster.


FM Work Begins in Israel




A Free Methodist church planting network is beginning in the Galilee region of Israel (Nazareth, Cana and Tiberias) among the densely-populated Arab communities. The ministry will be based in Nazareth and is registered with the government under the name of Olive Branch Ministries.

Pastor Nabil

The work is led by Pastor Nabil, a graduate of  Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky. Pastor Nabil recently transferred his ordination to the Free Methodist Church. He is currently serving as a dean of Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine and overseeing their extension program in Israel. He has prayerfully selected several of his students who are interested in house church planting to join him in forming a team that will work with Impact Middle East to share the gospel. The first home groups are planned to begin in fall 2013. A training program is being put in place to assist Pastor Nabil’s team of helpers in becoming ordained as FM pastors.

Nazareth map



Vision Cast Sparks Dialogue



The three Free Methodist Church – USA bishops held a candid conversation about leadership development, partnerships and ministry multiplication during an online Vision Cast airing two times Sunday, Aug. 4.

The two broadcasts garnered nearly 1,100 views and included viewers from all parts of the U.S. and as far away as Ghana, Africa. The recording is archived at and available to view anytime.

The bishops want the conversation to continue and expand. Bishop David Kendall said the Vision Cast was not meant to be a lecture or a sermon, but it was designed to “stimulate a dialogue across the Free Methodist Church.”


Praying For Egypt

By John Stonestreet

In the midst of the chaos, Islamic extremists in Egypt are burning churches and murdering Christians. The U.S. must speak out. Stay tuned to BreakPoint.

John Stonestreet

In his recent book, “Fleeing Herod,” the Australian writer James Cowan retraces the steps of the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt following Joseph’s dream warning him about Herod’s intentions toward the infant Jesus.

Cowan admits in the prologue that current events in Egypt made him even more conscious of Egypt’s history and “the millennia of knowledge embodied in its sands.”

Cowan’s guide on his journey is a fourth-century text written by a Coptic Pope, Theophilus of Alexandria, entitled “The Visions of Theophilus.” Along the way he meets monks, nuns, pilgrims and the then-Coptic Pope.

Whether or not we believe the fourth century reference of Mary being under an Egyptian tree, one Coptic belief is undeniable: “Egypt [is] central to the birth of Christianity.”


Parent’s Progress 9.12.13

Hello once again, parents, to the world of you-probably-didn’t-want-to-know, but if you’re going to stay relevant to your child, you need to know. That often involves a teen-to-English dictionary. Today we bring you that with a couple of different articles.


Jesus Loves Criticism

Jason ostrander By JASON OSTRANDER

If the true definition of criticism were, “passing judgment as to the merits of another person,” then the very act of denying said person would be the highest form of criticism there is.

“Then he began to call down curses, and he swore to them, ‘I don’t know the man!’ ” –Matthew 26:74

Peter’s ultimate form of criticism was to completely disassociate himself from the very person and work of his friend Jesus, and the beauty of this story is that we don’t get to see how Jesus responds until that fateful day on the shores of the Galilean Sea.

“Again Jesus said, ‘Peter, do you love me?’ ” –John 21:16

Think about all the things that we might have said to Peter if he denied us:


A Four Dot Name

Cover Image

“As I stared in awe at one particular scroll fragment from the book of Deuteronomy, I noticed four dots where the Hebrew letters for Yahwehshould have appeared. Four dots. Then I saw it again in the book of Isaiah: “In the wilderness prepare the way of • • • •” (Isaiah 40:3, esv).
And then it hit me just how deeply the scribes reverenced and revered the name YHWH. They wouldn’t say the Name. They wouldn’t even write the Name. And yet YHWH is the name that God said would be remembered from generation to generation (Exodus 3:15). And while God is exceedingly holy, He is also intimately personal. He reminded Moses, “I am…the God of Abraham,…Isaac and…Jacob” (verse 6).”

Excerpted from Knowing God by Name by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, and Mary Southerland (coming Aug. 6th)

Beautiful Feet

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

Isaiah 52:7


Thank you Winona Lake Church, for your financial support of Impact Middle East church planting initiatives.  We depend on your faithfulness.  May God bless you in His own way.  This is His work.  The more we work for Him, the more we see His hand in what is happening.  You are a part of something very special that is happening in the Middle East.

The BIG NEWS this month is our new ministry in the region.  God has sent us a “man of peace.”  We have wanted to start work in ISRAEL for a long time.  IME is now in Israel.  Let me tell you the story.

Through a variety of circumstances and connections a pastor in Nazareth came to our attention.  He has a heart for church planting but he could not quite figure out how to do it.  He didn’t have the resources.  He needed some direction and some encouragement.  What an exciting evening it was to walk the shores of the Sea of Galilee and talk with an Israeli “disciple” about “bringing Jesus back to Nazareth.”  His vision encompasses Nazareth and the entire Galilee region.  I believe we can go on from there to the whole country.  This “disciple” is now a Free Methodist pastor and is training a group of young men who will be church planting trainers.  Small groups are under way.  What can be accomplished?  Twelve men once turned the region upside down for Jesus.  It is time to do it again!!  

Your support helps us reach Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and even Egypt while it is in such turmoil.  Thank you.

Please pray for the work in the Middle East.  Prayer is what God uses to open doors and accomplish His purposes.

Thanks for your financial help.  Thank you also for your prayers.  Both are essential and we appreciate your partnership.

In Him,

Dr. Henry G. Church, Exec. Dir.


New Kiddie Kollege Year Underway

by Jennifer Nier

New school year=cleaning, buying, sorting, organizing, painting, and more cleaning!

We are very blessed to have the finances to make some much needed purchases and improvements at our preschool and child care.  We’ve also received some wonderful donations of toys, games and a dining booth!

As we begin a new school year, please be in prayer for our preschool and child care staff:

Toddlers-Kelly Hurley and Doris Taylor

3 & 4’s-Gretchen Hall and Sarah Kohl

4’s & 5’s-Karolyn Barrus, Janice Pfeifer, Jennifer Nier, Ashley Robinson, and Chris Teachworth

Also, pray for our 64 children and families for the school year.  That amount of children may seem low compared to past years, but since we will not have an afternoon class, that’s 64 children ALL in the morning!

We are excited about the upcoming school year and anticipate a lot of play, laughter and learning!

Thanks for your continued support!