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Today we offer something more than a blog post. It is an interactive calendar of Free Methodist history found at our denominational website. You can link directly to it here.

Help Us End Child Trafficking

Ata Hostel Project

International Child Care Ministries is actively engaged in combating child trafficking and ending modern day slavery.  In many areas around the world, children live in places where they may be lured, captured or sold into slavery.  For Freedom Sunday, which occured on February 17, 2013, ICCM focused on and is still continuing to focus on the children in the Philippines, especially in the tribal village of Ata Matigsalog near Davao City.  In order for the children of Ata Matigsalog to go to school they travel many miles leaving them vulnerable.  There have been several cases where children have been lured into slavery.  ICCM has built a hostel so that the children don’t have to travel miles to get to school.  The children get to stay in the Ata Hostel during the week while attending school.  The hostel provides safety and protection along with spiritual nurturing.  Freedom Sunday funds will help feed the 50 children and four assistants, purchase new beds and recreational equipment, and improve the bathrooms.  Materials to educate parents on child trafficking and children’s rights will also be provided. Leaders will empower parents and children to safely avoid traffickers when traveling or at home.  Join us in bringing safety and hope for the children of Ata Hostel.


Making Your Church Gatherings Great

By Matthew Thomas
Bishop, FMCUSA

Jesus called Christians to love God, love people and make disciples. This call applies to all Christians everywhere at all times. It is the focused mission of the church. We worship and celebrate God and God’s work in and through us.

That celebration can be fully realized when we obediently do what He calls us to do. Then we will see God at work through people serious in following Him and loving what He loves. Jesus told us how to live, how to love and how to serve. He never told us how to have meetings, though he mentioned some elements that might be part of our gathering together.


The War is Over

The resurrection is proof of Christ’s victory over sin and our hope of salvation.

The resurrection, however, is not a doctrine to be pondered but an invitation to experience the living Christ in your life. …For the resurrection is not just an event that occurred in the first century. It continues to impact lives to this day. In reality, not only was Christ resurrected— you too are raised to new life when you’re in Him. This is the gift of God to all who put their faith in His Son.

…Listen carefully: the battle is won! Don’t believe Satan’s lie that we have to do battle with him. Simply tell him, “You’ve already been defeated! And the same power that defeated you is the same power that now resides in my life.” Don’t get caught up in the fad of spiritual warfare that keeps you so busy fighting Satan that you have no time to follow Christ. The war’s over! This is the practical expression of the resurrection, and it’s available to you.

Excerpted from Experiencing the Resurrection by Henry Blackaby

Parent’s Progress 4.25.13

In this weeks’s menu of items we offer tips on family meals, teenage dating and links to even more resources for parents. Read on!


Here is an article encouraging those pesky times we know as family meals. Yes, everyone is busy, but you have to eat. You might as well do it together for the added benefits. Click here to read more.

Here is an article I couldn’t resist passing on. I discourage middle school and high school dating for many reasons, but here’s a few to add to the list.

If you’re looking for even more resources, here is a link to Homeword and their parenting newsletters, a very helpful resource.

Guarantee of Provision


I assure you that I will always be your protector and your provider. I’ll shine My light in front of you so you’ll know which way to go, and I’ll shower you with grace so you can stay on the right path. Walk with Me, and I promise I’ll never keep good things from your life.

WARRANTY NOTES: If something is good for you, God wants to give it to you.

Excerpted from God’s Little Book of Guarantees by Heather Kopp

Our Church Library

A recent publication from David C. Cook publishers is unusual in many ways, including being adapted from a current movie, “Home Run.”  It portrays the challenges faced by a former baseball star who is spiraling out of control as the result of poor choices.  His last chance at straightening out his life opens old wounds and forces him to confront painful memories and work through the problems of his past.  Outstanding author Max Lucado, says, “Home Run reminds us of the power of forgiveness, the richness of redemption, and the wisdom of trusting God to revive us.” Jennifer Chiaverini, author of the bestselling Elm Creek Quilts series, as  well as five collections of quilt projects inspired by the novels, has produced  Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker as her first stand-alone historical novel. Focusing on the life of Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley, who was born a slave, this book carries the reader through some of the most momentous times in American history.  Winning her freedom by the skill of her needle, she also won the friendship of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln with her devotion.  She was drawn into the intimate life of the Lincoln family and was a clear-eyed,    but compassionate witness to events within the private quarters of the White House.  Thoroughly researched, this is a singular story of intertwining lives that will capture your attention and bring new insights into a pivotal time in our nation’s history.  Another recent novel based on an amazing true event during World War II is the incredible story of combat and chivalry entitled, A Higher Call.  Written by Adam Makos, this book asks the question, “Can good men be found on both sides of a bad war?” and delivers the answer in a simply told, splendid account of brotherhood between enemies.  These and many more excellent fiction and true-to-life stories abound in your WLFMC library.  Visit the library to find just the right book or DVD to challenge and encourage you.  (The library is open before and after morning services each Sunday and is also available during the week by contacting the church office.)


Seeing With His Eyes

“Because of one man’s gift of encouragement, two men who might have been left behind, Paul and John Mark, were given the gift of a second chance. We are called to do the same. To believe the best about people rather than the worst. Despite their reputations, despite their questionable past performances. To look at people through the eyes of God and see what He sees.

Assets, not liabilities.

Beloved children in need of grace.”

Excerpted from At the Feet of Jesus by Joanna Weaver

Rick’s Reflections

by Rick Nier

Oh my family of five, how you cause me such pain! Before you start to wonder why I would call out my loved ones, keep in mind that it is the number I struggle with, not the individuals themselves. Is that better? No? Allow me to explain.


Parent’s Progress 4.18.13

There are many, many aspects to parenting. It can be difficult to keep up with them all, and that is an understatement. But just because parenting is difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to stay informed as much as we can. With that in mind, we bring you a few articles that will enlighten and encourage. Read on!


This first link would fit under the heading of Need to Know / Don’t Really Want to Know. It’s an infograph on the problem of teen sexting.

This second link includes some helpful tips for understanding the tween mind. (For those that might not know, tween refers to those children 8-12 years of age.

If you are hearing rumors of the death of Facebook, don’t believe it. But, there is some stuff about our teens and social networking that can help.