What Lies Beneath

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me” — Exodus 20:2-3

Idolatry isn’t just one of many sins; rather it’s the one great sin that all others come from. So if you start scratching at whatever struggle you’re dealing with, eventually you’ll find that underneath it is a false god. Until that god is dethroned, and the Lord God takes his rightful place, you will not have victory. Idolatry isn’t an issue; it is the issue. All roads lead to the dusty, overlooked concept of false gods. Deal with life on the glossy outer layers, and you might never see it; scratch a little beneath the surface, and you begin to see that it’s always there, under some other coat of paint. There are a hundred million different symptoms, but the issue is always idolatry.


God Sword

Girls with Swords

I want to share something I discovered while crafting this book. Hidden within the combination of letters that spell “God’s word” is a “sword.” By keeping the letters constant and only altering the spacing, you discover God’s word is a God sword. Isn’t that awesome? This confirms in an unexpected way what we are told by Paul in the book of Ephesians: “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (6:17). Everything we need or will need is hidden in his Word, and we search it out like buried treasure!

Excerpted from Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere

Kiddie Kollege Sunday

On March 17, we celebrated 40 years that Kiddie Kollege Preschool has been serving our community.  That’s a big accomplishment!  It’s been fun to sort through old pictures and receive pictures and information from many of you.

Here are some fun facts that I have recently learned:


Words, So Many Words

by Pastor Rick


Jacie, my 11-year old daughter, was shocked to hear that girls use 5,000 words more per day than boys. (I actually made up the number.) Here’s how the conversation went;


Jacie: Girls use 5,000 words every day?

Me: No. Girls use 5,000 more words than boys every day. So if boys use 6,000 words in a day, girls use 11,000.


She was shocked and spent many words detailing how shocked she was. Of course, whether the numbers were made up or not, she was making my point. But her need to use up her daily quota of words clearly knows no boundaries, as the next night, she was found talking in her sleep. Clearly, if she doesn’t get anyone to listen to her during the day, this will not keep her from talking.


Parent’s Progress 3.14.13

Each week we are bringing you a few articles or links to resources that can help you as a parent. You might ask why that is worth a post each and every week.

Here’s why. If everything for spiritual training was left for church, that might include up to 3 or 4 hours every week. But there are 162 hours in a week, so what about the other 158? We believe that spiritual training is something done at home and enhanced and encouraged at church. So, take a few minutes, gather a few resources, and plan out your next conversation with your kid.

Here’s some help…


It All Starts When You Look Up

I Am Not But I Know I Am

The truth is, feeling small may not be so bad after all, if in recognizing our smallness, we come to realize the wonder of God—a God who is beyond our ability to fully describe or imagine, yet Someone we are privileged to know, love, and embrace. Looking up from our fragile little lives, we are faced with the supremacy of a God who is fully capable of not only running the entire cosmos today—a task that doesn’t tax Him in the slightest—but of sustaining the affairs of our lives as well.

Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio

Missions Update


Ken and Melli serve in Burundi Africa

Melli was raised in the Free Methodist church in Winona Lake.  Her father, Robert Andrews was at headquarters as the speaker  for the denominational radio program ‘The Light & Life Hour’. Later, he became a Bishop of the church.




Memorize the Gospel

Living the Cross Centered Life

God instructs us in the Psalms to store up His Word in our hearts. I love that picture. God wants us to tuck His promises into our hearts so that, no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we can pull them out and be strengthened by their truth.

You might not think you’re good at memorizing Scripture. That’s okay. Don’t give up. Work at it. God isn’t keeping score. Even if it takes you longer than someone else, it’s worth the effort.

Excerpted from Living the Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney

Holy Fire

In ancient cultures, the most important thing a household did was to never let the fire go cold. In rural Korean cultures the same ancestral fire burned for centuries, and when they moved they took the fire of their forefathers with them. When your fire went out, it was thought, you lost your connection with heaven. Would that Christians were as careful about tending spiritual fire as these ancients were about natural fire. We are to nourish the spiritual fire, and we do that by prayer, obedience, mission, devotion, and study.

Holy fire is warming. In the words of the nineteenth-century New England poet Lucy Larcom: “If the world seems cold to you, / Kindle fires to warm it.” How many fires will you kindle today with the flint of faith?
Excerpted from Viral by Leonard Sweet

God’s House

Do you think you know every nook and cranny of the church building? You may have come in and out of this building, but some changes aren’t as noticeable as others. For example, have you taken time to look at all the beautiful children whose pictures are on the bulletin board downstairs across from the Fellowship Hall?