Christmas Service

Plan ahead and write down this date in your calendar.

Sunday, December 23, 6pm.

This will be the date of our Christmas Service. Join us for an evening of music and worship as we celebrate and remember why we have gifts and trees and Christmas lights that sparkle.

Waxing Eloquent For Fun

by Roger Schoenhals

What do three teens do when church is boring and the preacher drones on and on? They excuse themselves and find refuge in a Sunday school classroom. At least, this is what we did during those awkward years.

Looking back, I doubt the services were all that boring and I wonder how we were able to escape without parental capture. Yet at times we found our way to the educational wing and one particular room that had a lectern and generous seating. Employing our imaginations, we turned the classroom into a lecture hall and filled it with imagined dignitaries from around the world.


Merry Christmas

As I mentioned in the November edition of THE EARNEST CHRISTIAN, I was blessed to grow up in a stable home situation with loving parents who saw to my education with respect to Christ Jesus and the importance of a personal relationship with him, in addition to the education I received in the public school system.  Not only did I hear the great stories of the Bible in Sunday School, worship services, Vacation Bible School and in other church activities, but my mother had a Bible Story Book from which she would read to us children at home.  I loved these stories and, as a young boy, was fascinated by the story of Samson in the Book of Judges.  The Nazarite vow somehow particularly caught my interest.  (see, Numbers 6, Judges 13)


I Went To Court, We All Go To Court

by Sarah Smith

I was recently married to my husband, Sean.  We made plans all summer to create this beautiful day on which we would become one, a team, married.  Everything was together and the morning of the big day I had no nerves, knowing everything would run just as we had planned, and at the end of the day I’d become Mrs. Smith.  One thing happened, however, the morning of the wedding.  Our flowers didn’t come… until just before the ceremony was about to start.  We’d paid in advance for these flowers and they weren’t there.  This, of course, had no bearing on whether or not we would be married, but we thought it right to ask for the money back when we came back home from our honeymoon.  When we went to the florist and asked her for our money, she refused, saying that she had brought us flowers, she didn’t need to give us our money.  So we had to take it to court.


Apple Evangelism


I am an Apple junkie. I was stoked when Apple debuted the iPhone 5 a few weeks ago. I watched the keynote, read the reviews and looked at my iPhone 4 like it had suddenly become the phone Zack Morris carries around with him on ‘Saved By The Bell’. If there is one thing that Apple does well it is product releases. They know just how to suck you in and leave your heart desiring whatever product they’ve just unveiled.

There are really three intentional levels of impact when Apple releases a new product, which mirrors the levels of impact we should be having on the world as followers of Christ.


Petraeus, Apple, Call of Duty, and School Photos. . . .

by Walt Mueller

You know the drill here at CPYU. . . John Stott’s “dual listening” to both the Word and the world. . . Karl Barth’s starting the day “with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other hand.” Did you happen to do that this morning? If you executed the drill with this morning’s USA Today there’s a quartet of stories that should have captured your attention.


A Catalog for Better Giving



Download the catalog.

“God so loved the world that He gave…”


These words from John 3:16 are how Linda Adams, director of International Child Care Ministries, and David and Rose Brewer, co-directors of SEED Livelihood Network, begin the ICCM and SEED Christmas 2012 Catalog. Along with Scripture, the leaders’ suggestion to “boycott excess” reveals this is no ordinary holiday catalog.


A New Way

by Pete Wilson

I’m learning more and more that my relationship with God does not have to be fueled by a fear that motivates me to compare, judge, and avoid people who are far from God.  As I learn to embrace more deeply the Gospels, I’ve discovered that Jesus was, in fact, not intentionally trying to tick off the religious leaders of the day. He was actually showing us, through the rhythm of His life, that there was a new way to engage the culture around us. That we—His followers—could become agents of restoration and grace.


Christmas Party!

This coming Sunday, December 2 will be a big day for our church family. After morning worship we will gather downstairs for our annual Christmas Dinner and Decorating Party.

After dinner, we will work the food off by decorating our church in preparation for Christmas. As a reward for all the decorating we have done, the Treat Room will be unlocked and we will celebrate together with tasty treats made by our church families.

Plan now to join us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Rick Nier

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Of course, as Christians, our thankfulness should not be limited to a holiday when we stuff ourselves silly. We can try to motivate ourselves with pithy sayings and pursue the ‘attitude of gratitude’. But a thankful heart is born out of contentment.

I continue to find it ironic that Thanksgiving, a time when we express our thankfulness for all we have, is followed by Christmas, a season where we list all the things we don’t have that will make us happy.

Who knows? Maybe this year will be different.

If it is, it will be because you and I make it different. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


The daily blog posts will continue next Monday. Enjoy your time with family.