Free Methodist, For Jesus’ Sake

By Howard A. Snyder

“To maintain the Bible standard of Christianity, and to preach the Gospel to the poor.”

The words are so simple we can miss their punch. These are the words of B.T. Roberts and the first Free Methodists as they founded the new denomination in 1860.

Free Methodists embrace “the Bible standard of Christianity.” We know God has once for all shown the way of salvation, revealed in Scripture. The gospel centers in Jesus Christ’s gift of abundant life (John 10:10) to all who believe and follow Him.

Free Methodists emphasize Jesus’ commission: “Preach the gospel to the poor.” Roberts said the church should do what Jesus did: Take the gospel to people who are hurting and oppressed; people with no hope. The gospel is for all, but like Jesus we focus our resources and compassion especially on the poor and oppressed.

Jesus Christ, our Savior and source of salvation, is also our example. His devout and holy life of worshiping the Father and serving those in need shows what it means to be a Christian, a “Christ-follower.”


Summertime in the Middle Eastern Church

by Pastor Henry

Most people associate extreme heat and dust storms with summer in the Middle East. It is true that the temperatures climb daily well above 100 F and occasionally the sky is dusky but that does not curtail the life of the church. Living itself just takes place in the evening hours.


As the sun approaches sunset, children awake from afternoon naps, and people hurry out to purchase fresh food supplies. As one walks along the residential streets, fruit trees peep over the walls that hide homes and yards. In the winter, the citrus and olive trees bear. In the summer, one sees grapevines, mulberry trees, and fig trees bearing. On the walk, fresh flat bread is purchased at the nearest oven. Fruits and vegetables are found at the market. To escape the heat, a cook may purchase a roasted chicken from the rotisseries on the street. All is cleaned, chopped, cooked and assembled into an evening meal that is eaten after the sun is long gone.


Why Begin With Patience?

by Pastor Rick

My family has attempted a family devotional time in various ways and at various times. With young children who have a zest for life, this can be a challenge. And by ‘zest’, I mean they often act like their goal in life is to accomplish the equal and opposite goals of their parents. And by ‘challenge’, I mean it might be a more productive use of my time to train an army of squirrels to herd kittens for no pay.


Library News

by Loraine Engelberth

Enjoying a peaceful evening with a good book seems like a good idea as Fall arrives in Indiana.  Check out the extensive collection of current books in your Winona Lake Free Methodist church library for something to engage your mind as you relax your body.  Good fiction abounds, with outstanding writers conveying the message of living a Christian life under varied circumstances.  One recently-published   series, “The Green Series” deals with the trials and tribulations of a small town in Louisiana being forced to deal with a sagging economy, political problems and runs-ins with the law. As the saga       unfolds, you come to know each of the individuals who struggle in unique ways with how to live a viable Christian life under sometimes adverse circumstances.  It is a delightful series dealing with routine as well as unexpected events that will furnish some surprises.  More additions to ongoing series include Book #5 in the Shaker series by Ann Gabhart, and the third book in the “Women of Lancaster County” series by Clark & Gould.  New DVDs for both children and family enjoyment are being added regularly.  Stop by the library  before and after services on Sunday or during weekday office hours and find just the right book to enjoy.



Kiddie Korner

by Jennifer Nier

The school year is in full swing and lots of activity can be seen around our church building throughout the week. We currently have 72 children enrolled in Kiddie Kollege. We also have many families and children regularly using our Kiddie Kare Child Care Ministry.


Here’s what’s happening at our preschool for the month of October:

McTeacher’s Night – 1st

Donuts 4 Dads-3rd

Dance instructor visits-9th

Field trip to the Winona Lake Fire Department-16th

Fall break-no school-24th-26th

Fall parties-30th


Thank you for our continued prayers and support for this valued ministry of the church. We have many ways for you to be involved throughout the year. If you are interested, see Jennifer Nier.



Nothing is Hidden From God’s Sight

by Pastor Roland

On Wednesday, September 19, I had the privilege of leading the first Kiddie Kollege chapel time for this new school year.  I shared with the children a story I had seen in the news the previous week.  Scientists had announced the discovery of a new monkey that lives in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.  It is called the Lesula monkey.

Now, the people who live near those rainforests have known about the Lesula monkey for a long, long time.  In fact, one reason the Lesula Monkey as a species may be in danger is that the people of that region have actually been hunting it for bush meat for some time.  So, the monkey is not really a new monkey, it is just new to those of us who don’t live there and who didn’t know about it until now.


The Church is Not a Building



I spent the day yesterday at the property formerly known as Granger Community Church for the ReInnovate Conference. Because the church is not a building, Granger has remained their property to The Granger Commons. This is all part of The New Normal Project.

I love this strategy. Far too many Christians view the church as a building where we attend services for one hour every Sunday morning. That’s not the church. The mission of Jesus is not confined to the four walls of a brick building. Watch one of Granger’s pastors talk about this change:

Sacred Space Part 2 from Granger Community Church on Vimeo.

If you want more details about the new vision for Granger Community Church, I encourage you to read Vision: Lost and Found by Tim Stevens.

3 Ways to get Better at Sharing the Gospel Right Away

Sharing your faith is a scary prospect. Whether it is with a friend, family member, co-worker, fellow student or complete stranger communicating the good news can turn the once eloquent conversationalists into stuttering, stammering mumblers.

So how can we get better at evangelism right away? Here are 3 ways that may help.

1. Get filled up.

“Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.” Ephesians 5:18

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit we are controlled by Him. In the same way that the right amount of alcohol controls those who drink it, the Spirit of God controls us when we yield to Him.

So how does this help us when it comes to sharing our faith? In many ways! The Holy Spirit gives us power to share our faith (Acts 1:8), boldness (Ephesians 6:18-20), clarity (Colossians 4:4) and just the right words to say (Matthew 10:19,20.)


Are You Connected?

At WLFMC, we believe in relationships. Each semester we offer several Connection Groups so relationships can be established and grown. Here are the groups we are currently offering.


See You At & After the Pole

Today is a national day of prayer for students across the United States. They will gather around their school’s flagpoles and pray for their schools. Local youth groups will gather tonight for worship and prayer, as we communicate we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

See You After the Pole will take place at New Life Christian Church at 6:30pm.


To learn more about See You at the Pole, click here.