Freedom Sunday

Yesterday we joined many churches around the world in celebrating Freedom Sunday. It is not about a Sunday. It is about God’s movement to end modern-day slavery, create new futures and help others live in freedom.

We believe that nobody should be for sale. Yesterday’s service was just a beginning to recognize the many ways we can be involved.

Partner with the Free Methodist Church – USA to pray for and give to freedom-focused projects.

  • The Set Free Movement (30%): A Free Methodist organization working to bring about intervention, rescue and healing to those trapped in prostitution and modern day slavery.
  • Set Free Project Greece (30%): Kali Papanagis, a Free Methodist missionary, is involved in direct intervention to free those involved in trafficking. She is also reaching out to homeless youth living in poverty and at risk of human trafficking in Greece.
  • International Child Care Ministries (30%): ICCM will invest all donations from Freedom Sunday to equip workers, resource children and upgrade a hostel providing shelter to at-risk kids of the Ata Matigsalog tribe in the Philippines.
  • Shared Hope International (10%): A non-profit organization that fights sex trafficking of minors in the United States and Nepal.

Please prayerfully consider how you can be involved and end human trafficking.