Sometimes our school days are a little wacky.  Like the days that we walk into the classroom and find a shoe on the wall, tables flipped upside down, our snack hiding, and a teacher wearing shorts on her head!  It can sometimes be challenging, but we enjoy finding creative ways to learn our letter each week.  We are almost to the last letter of the alphabet, which means we are almost finished with another school year!  Our last day of preschool is Thursday, May 14 and graduation will follow on Friday, May 15 at 7 p.m.


 KK May '15 1 KK May '15 2



All of the staff at Kiddie Kollege would like to thank our church family for your help and support this year.  Many of you have made updates to our playground, fixed items inside, made repairs to our Space Maze, and helped 3 families with scholarships.  We appreciate you!!