Dr. Seuss was quoted as saying, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” We remember those words as we said goodbye to 33 students at graduation and to four of our staff.  Ashley Robinson (Pre-K teacher) is planning to stay home with her girls; Sarah Kohl (Pre-K aide) has moved to Elkhart; and Karolyn and Ed Barrus (Pre-K aides) may finally enjoy retirement!  We appreciate the years of service that all of them gave to our ministry.  Please pray for them as God guides their paths.
June KK 1 June KK 2

The preschool will be on summer break until after Labor Day, but the child care is open during the summer, except June 29-July 3. The Staff is currently working on scheduling field trips and creative activities for the next few months.  If you visit the church during the week, don’t be surprised to see wet, messy fun happening on the playground.