We have appreciated the help of our friends from Lakeland Christian Academy. 

They help us every other Wednesday afternoon from 1-3:00. Not only are they wonderful reading buddies, they also help our children work on Kindergarten readiness skills. Since our Lakeland friends are only here every other Wednesday, we would love our church family to be involved in this free ministry we’re offering every Wednesday afternoon.  This is for a small group of children and does not require a lot of mobility.   

Dec 2015 1 Dec 2015 2

Here are the dates next semester that we could use help:

Jan. 6

Jan. 20

Feb. 17

Mar. 2

Mar. 16

Mar. 30

Apr. 13

Apr. 27

May 11


Please see Jen or email her if you are able to

help on one of the above dates.