We want all of the children that come into our care to know that play is very valuable. There is so much that a child learns by playing cooperatively with others. However, with a lot of hard play by a lot of children throughout the year comes wear and tear on our building and our equipment.  We could use many hands to lighten our load and make our building and playground look beautiful.


Here are just a few of the items that need attention:


  • Repairing the tarps on top of the sandbox and swing set
  • Painting the wooden top to the older swing set
  • Chipping old paint and spray painting our merry-go-round
  • Tightening bolts on large play equipment
  • Fixing our leaking washer
  • Fixing loose trim inside the child care
  • Climbing a ladder to change light bulbs that have burnt out
  • Building cubbies (still in a box) and attaching them to the wall


If you are able to help with one or more of the above items, please contact the church office and let us know what you will take care of.


We appreciate your service!