Our annual Children’s Winter event,

is coming on Friday, February 19. This

event is for kids in grades K-6 and begins

at 6. The cost is $2 and includes pizza. Invite a

friend and plan for a great night!

R.S.V.P with Jennifer Nier at jennifer@wlfmc.org




Raising up a child in the way they should go. That’s what the Bible tells us we should be about (Proverbs 22). We believe children are a great source of energy and life and we want to be part of God’s work in training them and helping them grow into young men and women of God. That is why we offer what we offer. It is why we do what we do.


Sunday School classes continue to be an opportune time to invest in our children and give them a foundation of Biblical teaching they will grow to depend on later in life. We have classes for every age group, every Sunday at 9:15 a.m. We also have adult classes discussing interesting topics at the same time.



Children’s Worship

We have a great rotation of teams who help out with Children’s Worship, provided during the second part of our morning worship service. Children up through the third grade are dismissed to join other children downstairs. There they study and worship together, learning about the different aspects of worship and why we do what we do.


We will be wrapping up our series on the Big 10, learning about God’s commandments and moving into KidServe Service curriculum.  We pray that the children will walk away knowing the following points:


* We use our special gifts to serve God

* We serve others because we love God

* We serve God with our family

* We serve everyone because God wants us to


Along with the above points, we will focus on these stories:


* Bezalel and the Master Craftsman-Exodus 35:30-33 and 36:1-6

* Joseph Serves in Potipher’s House-Genesis 39:1-6

* Joshua’s Family Serves God-Joshua 24:14-18

* The Good Samaritan-Luke:10:30-37


Service Project– Socks of Love

During the month of February, we will be collecting items to donate to Fellowship Mission. We would love your help!

Here’s what we need:

Tube socks (various sizes ranging from children to adult)


Travel sized toothpaste, toothbrushes, containers of soaps and shampoos, lotions

Drop these items in the bins n the downstairs hallway by Sunday, February 21.


    Please keep in mind, during days of inclement weather, if Warsaw Community Schools close

on a Wednesday, kidZone is cancelled for that night.



Club 56 Banner with border

Club 56 refers to the new designation we’re giving fifth and sixth graders. They’re not yet teenagers, but they’re no longer little kids. That’s why some call this the stage of tweenager. They are between childhood and adolescence.  So we are meeting them where they are, given them some re-decorated space in what used to be called the Tower Room. Climb the stairwell at the north end of the church be sure to check it out.