It’s the greatest story ever told, but like most great stories, it doesn’t look good from the beginning. Sin was a dilemma, to say the least. Enter Jesus, our divine Hero. It’s not always a pretty picture, but one has to admit that God did a thorough job when cleaning out sin. We have been purified and this is the great story we get to share. Our children will hear this story and be given chances to respond to His indescribable gift.

There will be no kidZone on Wednesday, April 9, due to Warsaw Schools Spring Break


Sunday School classes continue to be an opportune time to invest in our children and give them a foundation of Biblical teaching they will grow to depend on later in life. We have classes for every age group, every Sunday at 9:15 a.m. We also have adult classes discussing interesting topics at the same time.


Children’s Worship


We have a great rotation of teams who help out with Children’s Worship, provided during the second part of our morning worship service. Children up through the third grade are dismissed to join other children downstairs. There they study and worship together, learning about the different aspects of worship and why we do what we do.