Our church library is the home of many great books, both works of fiction and non-fiction, children, youth and adult. We also have many DVD’s, in case you have already read the book.

The library is open Monday through Friday, during regular office hours. It is also open on Sunday mornings.

Monthly Update

With the New Year well underway, this would be a good time to decide to utilize the resources of your WLFMC library in 2015. Frequent additions to the well-stocked shelves continue, keeping current publications available for both adults and children.
Fiction books are the most frequently checked out books for the adults, but there are also many helpful and enriching books in other categories. One of those “extra” sections features biographies that can enlighten, encourage, and challenge the reader to analyze one’s life and recognize that no one pattern fits everyone, but all can have a meaningful life under sometimes very difficult circumstances.
Our christian living section covers a wide variety of topics with something for every age and situation to enrich our walk with God and ability to interact with others along the way. Charles Swindoll is a familiar and favorite author in this area and has the ability to portray life experiences in a way that will help us to recognize that we, too, can live a God-honoring and productive life as he offers insights into our interactions in the world in which we live.
With the growth of technology and the ease with which we can find answers to questions through the internet we sometimes overlook how meaningful it can be to have a reference book at hand to answer some questions. Your library has a variety of books available in the bookcases in the library for you to delve into to find out some information that is sometimes overlooked.
Feel free to ask the librarians who are on duty each Sunday to help you find just the right book to explore in 2015. How about having the goal of reading at least one good book in 2015?