Our church library is the home of many great books, both works of fiction and non-fiction, children, youth and adult. We also have many DVD’s, in case you have already read the book.

The library is open Monday through Friday, during regular office hours. It is also open on Sunday mornings.

Monthly Update

A recent publication has been added to your WLFMC library that is intriguing if you enjoy the “who-done-it” accounts and TV programs. Entitled Cold-Case Christianity, written by a cold-case homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace, it approaches the case for the validity of the Gospels by using the deductive tools marshaled by those who confront many kinds of “cold cases.” Some of the intriguing chapter headings include “Learn How to ‘Infer,’” “Separate  Artifacts from Evidence,” “Respect the ‘Chain of Evidence’” and similar approaches to building the integrity of the case under scrutiny. Dr. Rick Warren says, “Cold-Case Christianity is packed with insights to share with skeptics and will give you the confidence to share them.” 
Sheila Walsh has had a fruitful and far-reaching ministry in Christian circles in music, writing books for adults and children, public speaking and other ministries. She recounts in her new book, Loved Back to Life, the challenges she faced as she sank into clinical depression culminating in a life-changing decision to check herself into a psychiatric hospital while serving as a co-host on The 700 Club TV production. As she spiraled into deep depression she dealt with those who would not accept the idea that a Christian could ever need more than faith and prayers to recover mental health, and the ongoing battle within her own mind about how she could survive this condition and continue to effectively serve the Lord she loves and has followed all of her life. This book provides an articulate account of dealing with the agonies of openly confronting a debilitating mental condition and how the many elements of healing come together to restore a person to effective, wholesome living while being an advocate for removing the stigma of mental illness.
A new trilogy, “The Adventures of Akeem” written for children, recounts the life adventures of Akeem, a young African boy and his pet leopard Trakee. Written by Tracee Newman, there are many exciting events portrayed in the adventures of Akeem and his interaction with a surprising variety of individuals who enter his life.