True-to-life accounts of the Amish way of life are increasingly popular at your WLFMC library. Several new books in this genre have been added recently for your reading enjoyment and a window into the lifestyle of a unique portion of our country.  As the various lives are presented in fictional, yet true-to-life settings, it is obvious that “Amish” encompasses a wide range of religious beliefs and customs, which can be very intriguing. Shelley Shephard Gray writes from her familiarity with communities in southern Ohio in two enlightening series portraying life in the Sugarcreek area. Cindy Woodsmall focuses on Amish Mennonite and Old Order Amish as she writes from her home in Georgia in the popular “Amish Vines and Orchards” series. Author Marta Perry details the intriguing account of siblings who were separated while very young with one sibling living in an Amish community while another is raised in a wealthy “Englisch” home. The clash of two separate cultures presents challenges as they struggle to determine how their lives should be patterned in “The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley”  in a new series.

As media accounts of unrest and confrontations in the Middle East appear regularly, a recent book by Sandra Teplinsky explores the question that some have voiced: Why Still Care About Israel?. Check out this publication and weigh the very informative, knowledgeable discussion of the ongoing relevance of our concern about the fate of Israel. Outstanding authors Bodie and Brock Thoene’s newest publication in the “Jerusalem Chronicles” series, Take This Cup, continues to powerfully portray historical fiction as they introduce Nehemiah, the child of Jewish exiles in this account filled with mystery, intrigue and dangers. The Thoenes’ timeless classics about Jerusalem and many other historically sound records of life have received multiple awards as they have sold more than thirty-five million copies of outstanding novels and classic nonfiction targeting meaningful topics for children as well as adults.