Our church library is the home of many great books, both works of fiction and non-fiction, children, youth and adult. We also have many DVD’s, in case you have already read the book.

The library is open Monday through Friday, during regular office hours. It is also open on Sunday mornings.

Monthly Update


      Library News

The lonely, reclusive life of a former child star, Fiona Hume, is the focus in a recent publication by Lisa Samson, A Thing of Beauty. As her life unravels she becomes desperate to make some needed changes in her life, which include a boarder, Josia Yeu, who rents the maid quarters in Fiona’s huge house. As the happy, contented Josia interacts with Fiona the dank, dreary rooms of Fiona’s world become transformed, as does Fiona herself as beauty is discovered in unlikely places.
♦ Beverly Lewis, who has been writing stories since she was nine years old of the Amish culture in Lancaster County where she grew up, has recently crafted a stirring account of unresolved relationships between two Amish sisters, Tilly and Ruth in The River. Divided by the fact of Tilly’s marriage to an Englisher while Ruth remains single as the result of a failed courtship with her Amish beau, when the sisters return to celebrate the landmark wedding anniversary of their parents many disturbing memories and differences surface. Although each desires acceptance and redemption, the long-lasting elements of the separation present many challenges that need to be overcome as they seek reconciliation.