Our church library is the home of many great books, both works of fiction and non-fiction, children, youth and adult. We also have many DVD’s, in case you have already read the book.

The library is open Monday through Friday, during regular office hours. It is also open on Sunday mornings.

Monthly Update

As we enter the “dog days” of summer when it is very appealing to just stay put in a cool, comfortable spot, there are many books in your WLFMC library to help you make that “down time” very profitable. One of those is a recent publication by Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers as it presents a unique series of events that follow the familiar lines of the 23rd Psalm while portraying events where the God of the 23rd Psalm proves His grace and love in providing a second chance for a wide variety of people and situations. In response to a devout Christian lady whose prayer is that her life will count for Christ, this story will captivate your imagination and remind you of how God works through us to reach beyond what we can even begin to dream. More new books about life in the world of the Amish have been written by Jerry Eicher. The first two volumes of the “Fields of Home” series, Missing Your Smile and Following Your Heart have recently been added to the extensive collection of tales of Amish life from a variety of perspectives. Be sure to look over current additions to the many enticing, entertaining and wholesome stories to enrich your life and leave you with a fresh appreciation of the myriad ways God works in people’s lives. New DVDs for your enjoyment are being added to the wide-ranging collection now available.