The Reality Youth Ministries is for those teens in grades 7-12.

We have a dedicated team just waiting to meet you.

Check out our schedule and come join us!

 Going Deep with Christ…Going Wide with the Word

Growing Deeper Bible Studies    Sundays 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Dose of Reality                               Sundays 6-7:30 p.m.


Parents, check out our resources just for you!



What does it mean to have a meaningful relationship with a God you cannot see?

Was Jesus just trying to gross out the disciples by telling them to drink His blood?

Why can’t I dunk myself in a lake and tell people I’m baptized?

These are the elements of a healthy faith and we will answer all these questions

this month with a Dose of Reality.


January 23-25. Download the packet for costs and permissions slips.
For more information about Elevate, click here.
Teen Connection Groups
Sisters of Strength  – Tuesdays @ 7 p.m. in The Unloading Zone.
Bro Time – Thursdays @ 7 p.m. at various locations. 
Wide Nights
Once a month we change it up and have a Wide Night. What is a Wide Night? Part of our stated mission is to go wide with the word. We do that by being intentional with sharing the good news of Jesus and what we believe. If you’re interested in hearing about it, our next Wide Night is Sunday, September 28. 

Do you need resources to grow as a student leader? 

We have got them available for download right here.

Inescapable Leadership Student Guide

Leaders are Available (Reality Version)

spiritual-ruts (For all believers)

starting_out_right (For new believers)

Student Leader Training

True Stories (How to write a testimony)


Shop at Owens?

If you shop at Owens, you can support the youth group without spending any extra money. Simply purchase a $10 gift card from Pastor Rick. Then load it as much or as often as you like. The youth ministry will receive a portion of those funds.