YOUturn, began in 2008, is our ministry for college age and young adults. Our locations vary, so be sure to connect with us on Facebook (YOUturn).


YOUturn is our ministry that targets college students and other young adults looking for a place to worship God, a family to join and a ministry to serve. We know you have a very unique schedule, yet are always looking for a place to connect. By offering yummy home cooked meals (a college student fave), interesting discussions and unique activities, we hope to create an atmosphere to attract and build up young disciples in Jesus Christ.

This semester features Games & Questions nights, as we figure out how to think, act and be like Jesus. College and college-age are welcome to join us in the Unloading Zone on Sunday nights at 8. Young-at-heart are also welcome.


We will not meet on Easter Sunday. Otherwise, we’ll see you Sunday nights!