YOUturn, began in 2008, is our ministry for college age and young adults. Our locations vary, so be sure to connect with us on Facebook (YOUturn).


YOUturn is our ministry that invites college students and other young adults looking for a place to worship God, a family to join and a ministry to serve. We know you have a very unique schedule, yet are always looking for a place to connect. By offering yummy home cooked meals (a college student fave), interesting discussions and unique activities, we hope to create an atmosphere to attract and build up young disciples in Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, May 1, another year of YOUturn, our ministry to college and college-age students, will come to a close. As Grace students push through one last week of exams and final projects, we will celebrate the year we’ve had together. And since they will need extra study time, our group time will consist of some food to give them energy and prayer to give them hope.

We will also send off our college graduates; Edward Coplin, Wesley Gensch and Travis Payne. Continue to be in prayer for each of the students as they finish this school year.